After 20 years of research, the most advanced solution to circulation trouble has arrived...

I am very excited to offer BEMER vascular therapy, a medical device for non-invasive health optimization. I truly believe that this is a game-changer for those interested in being as healthy as possible!
B-E-M-E-R stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.  It is patented technology from Europe.  It has been researched for 20 years, is in 42 countries, 4000 hospitals and almost 1.5 million households.  BEMER is 100% safe, holistic, non-invasive, and effective. In the USA, it is registered as a Class I Medical Device with the FDA. NASA has a collaboration agreement with BEMER to incorporate this technology into the astronauts' spacesuits.

BEMER vascular therapy provides systemic increase in blood flow at the capillary level allowing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to our cells, as well as the removal of CO2, and the waste products of cellular metabolism for natural (drug-free) detoxification to take place. Many diseases are a consequence of poor blood flow. The effects of an 8 minute BEMER session lasts 12-16 hours. With improved cirulation, the body can heal itself!
Watch the video below, featuring chief developer Dr. Rainer Klopp, for more information about this revolutionary machine. 

I use my BEMER twice daily for a wide variety of purposes and I am very happy to experience many benefits including a reduction of physical discomforts, improved energy and sleep, improved cognition and athletic recovery. I also bring it with me for travel and jet lag issues. The kit comes with an additional light attachment called the B.LIGHT, which can be used for skin conditions and rejuvenation. Pets love BEMER too. My aging dog loves her BEMER sessions. The winner of the Kentucky Derby, 2017 used the BEMER Equestrian model (this also won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2017

I’m more than happy to share more information about this revolutionary device via appointment so you can learn more and experience it yourself. View my BEMER profile page in the window below, which includes information about using and purchasing your own unit. Copy and paste the following link into your browser.

My BEMER Profile

For any BEMER-related inquiries, please use the "Ask me about them" buttons in the embeded window below and I will respond via email.

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