How it works:

Dr. Profera is the first doctor in the area to offer you TENSAGE STEM CELL, by Biopelle, innovative, exciting, cutting edge technology in the skin care field.

Once activated, your stem cells can differentiate and migrate to lay down new extracellular matrix, (basically replacing what was lost during the aging process) to rejuvenate your skin overnight.

These products are designed to work synergistically with the Tensage Growth Factor line to replenish, reinforce and restore your skin to achieve a more resilient and youthful appearance.

This is a unique patented formula. There is nothing else like this available on the market.        

Twice daily use can result in a 119% increase in dermal collagen, a 50% increase in elastic fibers and a 26% increase in skin thickness.

Start your new path to rejuvenation for about $3 per day with Tensage Stem Cell Cream and Tensage Stem Cell Eye Cream $ 185 each.

Introductory offer from Dr. Profera: Get both for $299 and save!

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